InterView 2.0 Features OS X Support

XLR8 has released a new version of InterView, bringing it to version 2.0. InterView is a video importing utility designed to allow users the ability to capture analog video via USB ports. The latest version features OS X support, and allows capture without having to switch back to Classic. According to XLR8:

XLR8, a leading manufacturer of Macintosh upgrades and expansion products, today announced the shipping of InterView 2.0 with OS X support.

Finally, users of OS X can capture analog video through their USB port directly from any standard video source without rebooting into OS 9. InterView, the leader in video capture over USB, is now the first solution for users of OS X. Interview offers the ability to capture video and output quality small files that can be imported into iMovie or captured by Final Cut Pro and BTV Pro as well as future versions of many leading Mac applications.

You can find more information about the latest version of InterView at the XLR8 Web site. InterView 2.0 is available for US$89.95.