InterView Analog Devices Shipping From EchoFX

EchoFX is now shipping the InterView device for Mac users. The InterView is a video importing device designed to allow users the ability to capture analog video via USB ports. The device comes bundled with the InterView software driver and is compatible with several QuickTime capture apps. According to EchoFX:

EchoFX, a Macintosh software developer, announced the immediate availability of InterView Hardware devices for purchase from the EchoFX web site. The InterView is a USB device that provides the ability to import analog video into Macintosh computers via the USB port.

Coined InterView “Lite” the USB video capture device is for Mac OS X only. It comes bundled with the InterView For OS X software version 2.1 and can be upgraded to the latest OS X software available from EchoFX.

The InterView For OS X software provides the ability to view, capture and export video at 352 x 240, 29.97 frames per second. It is compatible with all OS X based QuickTime capture applications including Adobe Premiere, bTV, QuickTime Broadcaster and many others.

You can find more information about the InterView hardware release at the EchoFX Web site. The InterView bundle is available for US$40.00.