Interarchy FTP Client (Anarchie) Receives Major Upgrade & Cool New Feature

Stairways Software Pty Ltd has released a major upgrade for Interarchy, the venerable Macintosh FTP client. The new version, 5.0, includes a huge list of new features and bug fixes. One of the biggest new features is the ability to mount a remote FTP server on your desktop, similar to the way iDisk works. We are including the huge list of changes in the new version, despite its length, because itis all relevant. From Sairways Software:

It was announced today on that Interarchy 5.0 with FTP Disk (the new version of Anarchie) has been completed and is ready for download.

Interarchy is award-winning Internet file transfer software for the Macintosh. It enables a Macintosh user to access files on other computers over the Internet. Interarchy uses the standard Internet protocols FTP and HTTP, so Interarchy can access files on virtually any type of computer or device.

Version 5.0 introduces a major new feature called FTP Disk. This feature allows you to access files on frequently-used servers with any application in exactly the same way you access files on your hard drive. Furthermore, an FTP Disk gives you instant access to files even over a slow connection or while offline. It requires no proprietary software on the remote computer, as it works via the standard FTP protocol. The FTP Disk feature makes the process of accessing an FTP server automatic, transparent and easy. Interarchy 5.0 with FTP Disk runs natively on Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 or Mac OS 8.

Interarchy was formerly known as Anarchie. The name change came during the transition from version 3.7 to version 3.8, and was the result of a failed legal dispute with a party that had registered the domain name

The major changes between version 4 and version 5 were:

  • FATCarbon. Interarchy is a single application that will run natively on Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS 8.
  • FTP Disk. The FTP Disk caches a remote folder over FTP and transparently and automatically queues up local changes for background upload and remote changes for background download.
  • Mirror Both Ways. Make a local folder look exactly the same as a remote folder by transferring only things that are different between the two folders.
  • Mirror Download. Make a local folder look exactly the same as a remote folder by downloading changes from the remote folder over the top of the local folder.
  • Mirror Upload. Make a remote folder look exactly the same as a local folder by uploading changes from the local folder over the top of the remote folder.
  • Manual Upload. An input dialog that allows a connectionless manual uploading of a file or folder to a remote server without first calling up a remote listing. This operation can be bookmarked.
  • Tunnel via SSH. All FTP username and passwords can now be securely encrypted for security via SSH. This feature works for FTP Disks, This feature is only available under Mac OS X.
  • Drag Browser Links. You can now drag and drop links from your web browser to Interarchy, rather than having to copy and paste them.
  • Transparent Interfaces. Custom Interarchy interface windows (aka wands) now support multiple levels of transparency by using the alpha channel of the PICT resources that make up their four frames. This feature is only available under Mac OS X. More info at .
  • Hierarchical main menu. To reduce the clutter and complexity of the main menu (the File menu under Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9, the Interarchy menu under Mac OS X) it has been factored into command sub-menus called FTP, Web and Net.
  • Manual FTP. The traditional Anarchie-style FTP listings and dialogs were renamed to "Manual FTP" to give them context from the new automatic FTP Disk feature and the mirroring features.

Some developers notes from the version 5 beta testing cycle follow

  • Fixed Export Listing bug
  • Saved ftp disk passwords - use keychain only
  • Dont keep asking for correct password
  • Fixed bad header crash bug
  • Use less CPU while idling FTP connection
  • Balloon help
  • Fixed transcript lockup
  • Save disk mount/unmount location
  • Auto remount preference
  • Reduced startup time somewhat
  • Updates http proxy when location is changed ( Mac OS X )
  • New Icons
  • Cannot minimize about window to the dock.
  • History window correctly displays FTP Disk events
  • Correct error if remote server has two files names that are case insensitive the same.
  • Added Pepper to list of supported editors
  • Fixed Assertion if hit return or enter in FTP Disk Manager window with no disks selected.
  • Handles existing MacBinary files for FTP Disks better
  • Support for double clicking with cmd/shift
  • Changed the text of the Mirror Warning
  • Use a little less memory for mirroring
  • Donit relist directory for mkdir when mirroring
  • Fixed mirroring to path ii
  • Changed Warning for FTP Disk creation
  • Changed text of warning for Edit with Editor failed uploads
  • Donit lock up during long list parse
  • Donit lock up when lots of stuff is dumped to the transcript window
  • Disk location on desktop remount goes to normal disk location
  • Open window for new ftp disk after first mount
  • Resolve alias files for upload
  • Mac OS X Crash if key was held down while Interarchy was launched.
  • Preferences window doesnit jump when opened.
  • Spelling of unmounted in FTP Disk Manager.
  • Copying FTP Disk entry returns a url.
  • Canceling the Setup FTP Disk dialog works.
  • Spelling of iAbout SSH Supporti.
  • Crash if disk was unmounted while it was mounting.
  • Compatible with Mac OS 8.1.
  • MenuSharing turned back on.
  • If Interarchy quits while a disk is being mounted the disk is not mounted.
  • Switch Netscape works.
  • Change "Show Startup Items" to "Refresh Startup Items"
  • Improved sort order preferences

Customers that purchased Interarchy 4 after 25 June 2001 will be issued a free upgrade to Interarchy 5. Customers that purchased Interarchy 4 before 25 June 2001 will be able to upgrade to Interarchy 5 for a discounted amount.

You can find more information on Interarchy at the productis Web site. The organization will offer an evaluation version on October 1st. Single user licences are available for US$45, with bulk pricing available.