Interarchy Updated, OS X Support Added

The Interarchy User Group has updated their popular FTP client, Interarchy, to version 4.1. Formerly Anarchie, the latest version of Interarchy allows users to easily send and receive files via a number of popular protocols, including FTP and HTTP, and runs natively under Mac OS X. According to The Interarchy User Group:

Interarchy 4.1 is a powerful and flexible Internet interface for Mac OS. It can transfer files via FTP and HTTP, search the Internet to find the files you want, provide a wealth of information about remote servers as well as your local Internet connection and Internet applications, help manage remote servers, let you remotely control and test your Macintosh across the Internet.

With this 4.1 release we have focused on making the transition to Appleis new operating system, Mac OS X.

Interarchy 4.1 provides the fastest FTP/HTTP file transfer speeds of any Macintosh application. Interarchy 4.1is FTP/HTTP engine was hand crafted, working closely with Apple to get the most out of Open Transport, and operates at "interrupt time" which provides preemptive multitasking qualities.

Utilizing the Interarchy network of over 3,000 beta testers, Interarchy 4.1 has been put through months of testing to make sure it complies with Peter N Lewisi extremely high standards of software quality.

Interarchy is available for US$35. You can find more information at the Interarchy Web site.