Interarchy Updated With Bug Fixes, New Key Commands

Stairways Software Pty Ltd. has released an update for Interarchy, bringing it to version 7.0.1. Interarchy is a utility designed for downloading various files via the Internet. The update features several enhancements including bug fixes and expanded keyboard commands. According to Stairways Software Pty Ltd:

Stairways Software Pty Ltd is pleased to announce Interarchy 7.0.1, the new version of its powerful, flexible, award-winning Internet application for Mac OS X.

Interarchy can download and upload files via FTP (the Internet standard File Transfer Protocol), SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), and FTP over SSH (FTP/SSH). In addition, it can download files or whole web sites using HTTP (the HyperText Transfer Protocol), provide a wealth of information about your Internet connection, and help you work with remote servers across the Internet.

Interarchy 7.0.1 adds the following changes and refinements:

  • Command-shift-down arrow or double click opens a folder in new selected tab
  • Control-command-down arrow edits a URL
  • Moved localizable resources into English.lproj folder
  • Address edit text fields no longer wrap text
  • Fixed crash on launch if Bookmarks split view control is closed
  • Interarchy Support bundle no longer links against the PCAP library
  • Aliases to folders display properly in the Bookmarks window
  • Mirror SFTP menu items correctly open SFTP dialogs
  • and more..

You can find more information about the latest Interarchy release at the Interarchy homepage. Upgrades from previous versions purchased after Oct. 2003 are free, while the full version is available for US$39.00.