Interested In Developing For The Mac? WWDC 2003 Has Been Announced

For those interested in developing for the Macintosh, there is no more important event than Appleis annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). This yearis WWDC has officially been announced, the Conference Tracks have been described, and registration information has been released.

The WWDC is a conference geared specifically towards "IT managers, commercial developers, content creators, Open Source coders, Web managers, systems administrators, and in-house developers." Apple provides Conference Tracks, sessions aimed at teaching you new ideas in coding, and an inside look at the resources Apple provides its developers. The company has experts and its own developers on hand to teach many of the sessions and work shops. It is geared in such a way that new developers and experienced coders alike will be able to learn something from the different happenings during the event.

From the WWDC site:

Join developers from around the world to explore first-hand the next generation of technology innovations from Apple at Worldwide Developers Conference 2003, May 19-23 in San Jose, CA.

Whether youire a longtime Mac programmer or recent platform Switcher, an IT manager or commercial developer, content creator, Open Source coder, Web manager, systems administrator or in-house developer, WWDC 2003 offers an expanded agenda that will help you make the most out of Appleis innovative technologies and the robust and flexible Mac OS X platform.

WWDC is your opportunity to meet fellow developers and benefit from the rapidly growing Mac OS X community, to network and learn the things you can only learn talking face-to-face with your peers and Appleis technical architects and engineers.

Apple has once again set up Early Bird registration pricing. The WWDC event is priced at US$1595, and Early Bird pricing is set at US$1295 if you register by April 18th. For new developers and developers new to the Mac platform, Apple offers a bundle with an Apple Developer Connection membership and a ticket to the WWDC for US$1995. Early Bird pricing is set at US$1695 for that package.

Visit the WWDC Web site for more information on the event, registration, the conference tracks, and more. TMO will be highlighting the different tracks during upcoming days.