International FileMaker Developer 5.5 Released Today, US Version To Be Released 10/1

FileMaker, Inc. has announced that the international English version of FileMaker Developer 5.5 has been released today, and that the US version will be released on October 1st. FileMaker Developer 5.5 is designed for making Web-based, network-based, or standalone FileMaker Pro apps. From FileMaker:

FileMaker has announced the new FileMaker Developer 5.5 will be available October 1st (worldwide English version available worldwide starting today except in North America). FileMaker Developer 5.5 is the essential tool for developers creating powerful custom FileMaker Pro solutions to be used on the Web, across workgroups or as runtime applications. Redesigned as an integrated, easy-to-use FileMaker Pro application, FileMaker Developer 5.5 is for corporate and independent developers, as well as workgroup database administrators, deploying specialized FileMaker Pro databases for use within enterprise workgroups.

New Features and Updates

FileMaker Developer 5.5 includes all the powerful features and functionality of FileMaker Pro 5.5 together with the following brand new features and updates:

  • Database Design Report for documenting the structure (including fields, scripts, relationships, layouts, and database passwords) of FileMaker Pro database solutions. Developers can choose to view and navigate the time and date stamped report as a FileMaker Pro database, or in XML format. Using the Database Design Report, orphan links and redundant objects of past and present FileMaker solutions can now be easily located.
  • Script Debugger for the systematic testing of scripts within a FileMaker solution. By inserting breakpoints (pauses) in the script, Developers can step through each script, line by line, and view and compare the anticipated results.
  • Developer Tool has been updated to assist in creating both standalone database applications and Kiosk mode solutions that support FileMaker Pro 5.5 features. Developers can also customize and secure cross-platform FileMaker Pro royalty-free runtime solutions. The Developer Tool offers time-saving customization tools, such as the ability to rename database filenames while preserving links to files and scripts.
  • Three new Plugin Samples with Source Code have been added to Developer 5.5 to provide guidelines to developers for creating FileMaker Pro Plugins, which extend the basic functionality of FileMaker Pro solutions.
  • Updated ODBC Drivers Merant 3.5 on Mac Classic and Merant 3.7 on Windows; Oracle (Mac and Windows); Microsoft SQL Server (Windows); Text (Mac and Windows) are now available within FileMaker Developer 5.5 to connect to the latest versions of standard corporate data sources. FileMaker Developer 5.5 can easily be integrated with the other corporate data management tools.
  • New Mac OS X support, providing pre-emptive multi-tasking, memory protection, PDF support and the Aqua interface. In addition to Mac OS X, FileMaker Developer 5.5 also supports Mac 8.1 through 9.1, and Windows 2000, NT, Me, 98 and 95.

Support for Standards

FileMaker Developer 5.5 provides in-depth documentation and examples for XML, which is quickly becoming the preferred method of exchanging data across applications; JDBC, allowing for easier ways to build Java front ends to FileMaker Pro databases; and ODBC allowing for access to a FileMaker data source remotely, for easy back-up of mission-critical data on back end systems.

You can find more information on FileMaker Developer at the companyis Web site. FileMaker Developer 5.5 is priced at US$499. The company is offering a US$100 mail-in rebate for licensed owners of FileMaker Pro 4.0 Developer Edition or FileMaker Developer 5.0.