International Injustice, Mindless Action, & Nearly Naked Models

Every week, Vern Seward takes a look at Appleis latest offerings at the QuickTime Trailer site, letting your know whatis new.

Lotis of stuff to cover this week so letis get to it...

First up is an Apple Exclusive QuickTime Trailer of Rabbit Proof Fence. The movie is based on true events: in turn-of-the-century Australia, the Aborigines were often treated as less than human even while efforts were made to ihumanizei them. Rabbit Proof Fence centers on a real life incident where children of an Aborigine tribe were kidnapped and place in a boarding school by the Australian government in order to forcibly acquaint the children with the supposedly more civilized European culture and be trained as domestic servants. Makes you wonder which group was the uncivilized one, doesnit it? The story is compelling on many levels and the trailer is a must-see. Stop by the official movie site for more info about the movie.

Another movie dealing with persons fighting for their children against the status quo is not an Apple QuickTime Exclusive, but could be as compelling as Rabbit Proof Fence . Evelyn, starring Mr. Double-Oh Seven himself, Pierce Brosnan, is also based of a true story. Desmond Doyle (Brosnan) struggles to reunite his family after the local government decides that his children would be better off in a orphanage. Set in Ireland in 1953, the story has relevance today and in our society.

If istrugglei stories arenit your cup io tea this week, then you might like to check out Extreme Ops, another QuickTime Exclusive Trailer. Take some young Vin Diesel wannabes, add a healthy dollop of Sly Stalloneis Cliff Hanger, swap out rouge FBI agents for foreign terrorists a la Die Hard, oh, and put the good buys on snowboards, and you have an idea of what this movie is about. The effects look cool and may be worth a look.

Paid In Full takes us to the streets of Harlem in the mid 1980is and centers on three friends, played by Wood Harris, Mekhi Phifer, and Camiron, who struggle to find their own way to make it in an environment where few do. Itis a edgy drama that may be hard for some to watch.

The final QuickTime Exclusive trailer weill be looking at is really something... different. Steven Spielberg has Tom Hanks as an FBI agent chasing Leonardo Dicaprio, cast as a suave con artist, in Catch Me If You Can. Another movie based on real-life events, Dicapriois Frank Abagale Jr. manages to stay one step ahead of the law as he pretends to be an airline pilot and a surgeon among other identities. This should be a hit even if Dicaprio stinks, with Spielberg directing it and Hanks co-starring, thereis bound to be something watchable in this movie.

Other trailers to watch:

  • Far From Heaven: What happens when your perfect world falls apart? Julianne Moore plays a iJune Cleaveri housewife who finds out that her iWardi is more like Bill Clinton. In a society where appearances mean everything, this story examines what happens behind the facade. Iive always liked Julianne Moore and Dennis Quaid, and Dennis Haysbert needs to play more roles like this. Looks like a good one.
  • The Weight Of Water: Catherine McCormack, Sarah Polly, and Sean Penn star in this thriller about a past murder and current passions. There always time for a good ghost story.
  • A Guy Thing: An engaged bachelor wakes up next to a beautiful blond one week before his wedding and finds out that the blond is a cousin of his future wife. Ouch! Jason Lee (no relationship to Bruce Lee), Julia Stiles, and Selma Blair star in this comedy that just might be funny.
  • Femme Fatale: Here we go! Rebecca Romijn-Stamos plays a jewel thief with a secret identity who plays Antonio Banderas in her attempts to get away with a heist. Set in Europe and directed by Brian DePalma, the movie looks a slick as any spy flick, and as racy as any Victoriais Secret show. If the trailer does the movie any justice, this one should definitely be on your list.

Thatis all for now. See yai next week. BTW, if youire Jennifer Love Hewitt fan youill want to check out her site and view her latest video, Bare Naked, from her new album of the same name. Good stuff!