International Users Receive AirPort Update

Apple has released AirPort 1.2 for international English users. The new version of AirPort includes many of the features found in the United States release of the same version, including improved performance and greater control over security and settings. According to Apple:

New features in AirPort 1.2 AirPort 1.2 provides enhanced performance, compatibility, stability, and functionality. AirPort 1.2 includes the complete software base station feature. The AirPort 1.2 base station software now supports closed networks.

By choosing to create a closed network, you can hide the name of the network created by the AirPort Base Station. Users must know the exact network name to join the AirPort network, providing an additional level of security.

For improved compatibility, the AirPort 1.2 base station software has a revised default configuration. The new default configuration does not distribute IP addresses (DHCP) or share a single IP address (NAT) on Ethernet, and disables AirPort-to-Ethernet bridging.

Although AirPort 1.2 has a revised default configuration, existing base station settings will not be changed for those users who update from AirPort version 1.1. From this new baseline, users now have the option to customize bridging,DHCP, and NAT on a per port basis to meet their specific ISPs requirements. These options are enabled/disabled through the Admin Utilityis Network tab.

You can find more information, and download links, at the Apple web site.