Intrigue Technologies Announces Harmony Remote SST-659

Coffee table overflowing with remotes? With a remote for the TV, a VCR, a DVD player, a cable/satellite box, a stereo, a CD player/changer, and maybe even a DVR like a TiVo, you have quite a few remotes in front of you on any average couch-sitting. Intrigue Technologies may have just the thing for you with its Harmony Remote SST-659. In addition to the ability to learn the functions of all of your various remotes, the remote has a set of buttons set to specialized functions, such as "Watch TV" and "Listen to Music." The remote also includes an LCD screen to allow the user to scroll through many other functions and features. From Intrigue Technologies:

Intrigue Technologies Inc., creators of Smart State Technology, and makers of the Harmony Remote models SST-748 and SST-768, are pleased to introduce their newest "Family-Friendly Remote", the SST-659.

The new Harmony SST-659 is the culmination of customer feedback, design refinement and user group studies. The resulting product includes some notable feature inclusions like Activity buttons, top mounted display, separate navigation buttons, dedicated satellite control and bright backlit buttons. The new design even enhances comfortable one-handed operation.

The SST-659 is not intended to replace the 748 or 768. Users accessing hundreds of TV programs, CDis and MP3 titles directly from the interactive display will still want the scroll wheel found exclusively on the SST-748 and 768 models. The SST-659 really completes the Harmony line of products with an extremely user-friendly interface that anyone can use without any training. The combination of this incredibly simple interface and the Smart State Technology makes the 659 remote the choice for the whole family.

Harmony Remote has continued to advance its trademark Help feature with the SST-659.? With a press of the bright yellow Help button, located at the top of the remote, anyone can easily synchronize a system in seconds.

Now, when your family wants to watch TV, instead of scrolling to the activity, you just press the green button "Watch TV" or the red button, "Listen to Music," and the remote will send the appropriate commands to automatically set up the system. Separate navigation buttons, placement of the transport controls (fast forward, rewind, etc.) and contoured volume and channel buttons make the remote by far the easiest remote to operate.? "Sound" and "Picture" buttons allow access to unlimited specialized commands to satisfy even the most technical user.

The new black SST-659 features a brightly backlit display and buttons. The interactive display screen is now located at the top of the remote. Convenient "ATM style" soft buttons, located to the sides of the screen, make menu navigation a breeze. Parents and children alike will have no problem using the New Harmony Remote SST-659.

The Intrigue Technologies Harmony Remote SST-659 is available now for US$199. You can find more information at Intrigue Technologiesi Harmony Remote site.