Intuem 2.0 Shipping With Expanded Audio File Support

Companion Engineering & Design Corp. has announced the release of Intuem version 2.0. Intuem is a utility designed for audio mixing and recording. The latest version features expanded audio file handling and an integrated MIDI mixer. According to Companion Engineering & Design:

Intuem Version 2 Delivers Full-On Audio Capabilities.

Audio, Audio and more Audio Intuem 2, code-named Intuem Squared, delivers audio capabilities in an innovative and easy to use package for music and audio production.

Our customers wanted audio to go with their MIDI and weire delivering the goods: Intuem will work with several types of audio; process audio using Apple Computer Incis. AudioUnit standard on Mac OS X at a multitude of sample rates, all in high-resolution 32-bit floating point audio pathways; Intuem can save compositions as audio files; Intuem now has a with a full-featured, customisable audio & MIDI mixer; and the killer feature is the very flexible freeze facility with its key facet: one-step conversion of MIDI to audio.

You can find more information about the latest Intuem release at the Intuem Web site. Intuem 2.0 is available for US$79.00.