Inventive, Inc. Shipping iClip 1.0

Inventive, Inc. has released a new app for Mac users, iClip 1.0. iCLip is a clipboard utility designed to expand the basic feature set of the standard Mac clipboard. The app features multiple clip bins for multiple clip drop or pasting. According to Inventive:

Inventive, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of iClip, a utility that helps users get past the limitations of a single Clipboard. iClip allows users to quickly copy & paste and drag & drop various clippings to and from its multiple "clipping bins" so that they can be easily accessed in the applications theyire using.

iClip features:

  • can be oriented either vertically or horizontally
  • adjustable clipping bin sizes
  • clippings can quickly be dragged & dropped from applications onto iClip and back again
  • clippings can also be copied & pasted to and from iClip
  • is always readily accessible because it floats above all windows
  • can easily be collapsed or hidden

You can find more information about the iClip release at the Inventive, Inc. Web site. iClip 1.0 is available for US$14.95.