Invoice Creator Shipping From CG Software

CG Software has released a new app, CG Invoicer for the Mac. CG Invoicer is an invoice database creator designed for independent business owners. The app features an internal email application for newsletters and product announcements and an open invoice function for outstanding accounts. According to CG Software:

CG Software has released CG Invoicer, a program for Macintosh that creates a database of invoices, customers, and products or services.

Designed for independent business owners, CG Invoicer helps with your administrative needs so you can focus on driving the growth of your business. Anyone in his or her own business can benefit from this product, from personal trainers to wedding planners to online auctioneers. An email feature is included so that users of this software are able to send and receive emails without having to open another email program. You can use the email ability to send out newsletters, product announcements and general communications.

CG Invoicer generates invoices with the click of a button and keeps them for later reference, so you will always be on top of your outstanding invoices. It has reporting features to show all open invoices or just ones that have been open thirty days or longer. You can also create reports of all products or services sold to each customer, to maintain a clear perspective of your best customers.

You can find more information about the CG Invoicer release at the CG Software Web site. CG Invoicer is available for US$69.00.