Is It Mac OS X Version 10.0 Or 1.0? UK Apple Store Calls It Version 1.0 (With Pic)

The "sagai goes something like this: Phil Schiller announces that Mac OS X final will be dubbed version 10.0. That reads as Mac OS Ten Ten Point Oh. We ranted and raved about that, as if it would matter, because we felt that Mac OS X 1.0 made more sense. Itis a new beginning, after all, so why not name it appropriately? Then we published a devilishly clever ditty that pithily suggests Apple "lap" Microsoft and call it Mac OS XP. Oh, how we howled with delight!

Then it got a bit more interesting as Observer Adam Cooper dropped us a note from the UK saying he had received a letter from the UK Apple Store telling him that his order for Mac OS X 1.0 was on the way. At last! Perhaps Apple had come to their senses?


Mr. Cooper has also sent us a screen shot from his browser that reinforces the idea that at least the UK Apple Store has it right.

Click the thumbnail for a larger version (1024 x 768 @ 155k)
See the version number below the images.
Also, spot the tip on Adamis Toolbar that helps make sure your screen shot gets posted at The Mac Observer. :-)

But on the other hand, this is the notice that many Observers started receiving yesterday: "MAC OS Xv10.0 RETAIL-USA; 1 shipped on 03/22/2001." In the retail build that has reached the hand of every hard core Mac user to see the inside of a Staples yesterday, the version number is limited to the hotly debated build number (4K78). There is no mention of either 10.0 or 1.0 according to all of our sources.