Is Motorola To Be Blamed For Apple's Shortcomings? You Decide

Apple has been getting beaten up lately like the skinny new kid on the block, and blame has been spread out from the computer industry to the US Presidential "thing" to Steve Jobs himself to Motorola. While all of these factors are sure to contribute, most Apple fans seem to be taking the high road and assigning much of the blame to Appleis behind-the-times chip maker, Motorola.

Upside Today has an interesting piece in their On Trial series called, "Is Motorola riding the slowdown bandwagon?" The author examines Motorolais inability to produce faster processors, and examines whether the fault lies with Motorola themselves, or with their business partner, Apple.

One of the more interesting quotes from the article:

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I assert that Apple simply went too far in promising machines powered by Motorola chips before they were ready to mass-produce. Additionally, there is the fact that Apple has seen a slowing of demand driven by its own missteps. Consider the much-ballyhooed G4 cube thatis sold more like a Rolex in a Russian bread line than a must-have desktop product. When youire peddling overpriced industrial art, itis hard to find fault with the chipmaker.

Very interesting perspective indeed. You can read the full argument, and place your vote, at the Upside Today web site.