Is QuickTime King? Nielsen/NetRatings To Change Counting Methodology

As with so many other areas in the computing world, Appleis QuickTime has gotten little to no respect. Sometimes portrayed as the illegitimate step-child of media players, QuickTime is often not given the attention it deserves, which in turn limits the places where QuickTime is used. According to News.comis Stephanie Olsen, all that may be about to change. In an article titled Statistics firms revisit QuickTime counts, Ms. Olsen examines the signs that may indicate that QuickTime, and Apple, deserve far more respect than they currently get. From the article:

QuickTime laid the groundwork for bringing multimedia to the PC in the early 1990s and has been a favorite digital authoring tool in professional production studios for years. But on the Internet it has battled a perception problem, based partly on Appleis small PC market share and statistics that consistently portray QuickTime as an also-ran in a race dominated by rivals Microsoft and RealNetworks.

The tables may be turning, however. On July 1, Web statistics giant Nielsen/NetRatings is scheduled to release research based on new counting methods that will result in a sharp increase in QuickTimeis market share compared to earlier reports. Media Metrix, meanwhile, the other major Web measurement firm, said it plans this month to phase out its reports on the usage of Internet media players and to evaluate how it will measure market share in the future--a move that could also raise Appleis ranking.

This in-depth article explores some of the reason why our favorite media player seems to be relegated to understudy status against the other two media players: Windows Media Player and RealPlayer, and the article offers reasons why QuickTime may be up for a popularity renaissance. Stop by and read the full article.