Is That A Dock In Your Pocket? OS X Launcher Updated

Pocket Software has released a maintenance update to their OS X utility, PocketDock. PocketDock is a launcher and application organizer for OS X. Version 2.22 fixes some specific bugs. From Pocket Software:

PocketDock 2.22 has been released and is available for download. PocketDock 2.22 is a maintenance release that fixes bugs that prevented the PDDrawer and PDMiniDock skins from operating properly. PocketDock 2.21 is available in English, French, German, Italian and Dutch.

PocketDock is a utility to organize and launch applications, documents, web links, and e-mail addresses. It supports multiple skins or looks. PocketDock has the following features:

  • Multiple skin support.
  • Drag and drop of links and tabs.
  • Customizable links, tabs and docks.
  • Multiple docks.
  • Can launch documents, applications, web links, e-mail addresses.
  • Web links and e-mail addresses can be added via services.
  • Supports Internet Explorer, iCab, OmniWeb, Netscape/Mozilla, Outlook Express (Classic), Eudora, Opera and AddressBook.
  • Available in English, French, German, Italian and Dutch.

This update is free to all registered PocketDock users. A free 30 day trial version of PocketDock can be downloaded at:

You can find more information on PocketDock at Pocket Softwareis Web site. The update is free to registered users, and the full version is priced at US$20.