Is That A Mac Featured On A Microsoft Xbox Page? (With Pics)

Some things are just too perfect for words, but we are going to try and do justice to this item anyway. If you were Microsoft, where would you turn for the best industrial design work while developing your new console gaming system? Well, we would have turned to a company like frog design, but at the very least, you would of course turn to someone who works on a... a Mac?

Well, thatis just what it seems that Microsoft did. On the companyis job recruiting section for designers, there is a page dedicated to the Xbox. Long time Observer CrazyEric pointed out to us that there is a section on industrial design on the Xbox page, and that the person being highlighted is working on a Mac. We took the liberty of including a screen shot for posterityis sake, but we recommend that you check it out for yourself.

Click on the thumbnail to
see a larger version of the image.

You can find more information on Microsoftis recruiting efforts at its Web site. Thanks to Observer CrazyEric for the heads up on this. If you have a Mac Sighting, let us know.