Is This the New Motorola iTunes Phone?

Someoneis idea of a joke or a leaked image of the real thing? The Mobile Gazette is reporting details and a photo of what many believe is the yet-to-be-announced Motorola cellular phone with built-in iTunes capability.

The mobile enthusiast site reports the phone will probably be called the Motorola E790, "a handset based on the same hardware platform as the E398 and C698p devices," the site said. "This makes the E790 a tri-band GSM phone with Bluetooth, a 176x220 pixel display, VGA resolution camera and microSD/TransFlash removable memory, probably up to a maximum of 1 (gigabyte) storage."

Mobile Gazette believes they are "90% certain" of the phones name designation and screen resolution, but note that "it could well be that the E790 will never be released given past experience with Motorola handsets, and perhaps Motorola will replace it with something more capable."

The site also published a number of screenshots (as did the online gadget site Gizmodo), that have since been confirmed as genuine by sources at Motorola.

(photo courtesy Mobile Gazette.)

So when will the iTunes-ready phone see the light of day? Thatis anyone guess, as both Apple and Motorola have been mum about why the phone has been delayed in its release over the past two months. Many are thinking it will come some time in the next few months.