Israel's Minister Of Justice Uses A PowerMac G4

Observer David Smith writes to us from Israel with an image taken from a local news broadcast. It would seem that at least some government officials in that country prefer the Mac to Windows. The Minister of Justice was interviewed at his desk in the Knesset, and sitting proudly displayed behind him is a PowerMac G4 and a 17" Graphite Studio Display. From Observer David Smith:

Attached is a screen I captured during a local newscast last week. The gentleman in the picture, framed by (what appears to be) a handsome 1st or 2nd rev. G4 and a Graphite 17" Studio display, is none other than Israelis current Minister of Justice, Meir Sheetrit (pronounced iSheetreeti) being interviewed in his office in Israelis Parliament, the Knesset:

As youid expect, the Mac (iMacs, mostly with an occasional PB) appears often in locally produced commercials. If I can catch a few, Iill send them on.

Please do, David! In the meanwhile, thanks for the quick eyes, the note, and the screen shot. If you have a Mac sighting, let us know.