It Is Time Again For High Quality Mac Show Entertainment

It is time for another exciting episode of The Mac Show, and this week will feature guests Peter Cohen of Mac Gaming, Ted Landu of MacFixit, and the "Online Curator" of the Making the Macintosh Web Site. As usual, listeners will be in for a real treat. According to The Mac Show:

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, is the "Online Curator" of the Making the Macintosh Web Site at Alex is working hard to gather all the info he can about how our favorite computer came to be!

Speaking of hard working, Matt Deatherage, Publisher of "The Best Newsletter Youive Never Heard of" the MDJ and the MWJ, has published their "Power 25" at The Power 25, a list of the 25 most influential people in the Mac Universe, was the talk of Macworld Expo. Tune in to see what Matt has to say about the list.

Ted Landau of MacFixit will join the Show to talk about issues that have come up on his web site over the past month. Heill help clear up some of the confusion about Appleis new Keyboard and monitors.

Itis the first Wednesday of the month and that always means that Chuck Joiner, The Mac Showis User Group Correspondent and Chair of Appleis User Group Advisory Board, will be on the show. Chuck will be joined by his guest, David Roemer. David is Appleis User Group Program Summer Intern and he swears heis been bleeding six colors ever since he was a little kid. Apple Campus Rep by day, user group president by night, David will be a junior at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Davidis spending his summer interning with the Apple User Group Program, his dream job.

As always, Peter Cohen of MacGaming will be on with the scoop on the Mac game related news.

The Mac Show will also have t-shirts to hand out to lucky listeners.

Tune in for all the wild, wacky fun at 9PM EST.