It Will Be OK...Appleholics Anonymous Is Back

After being away from their domain for the last month or so, Appleholics Anonymous has again found a home at According to Appleholics:

Appleholics-Anonymous ( has returned! For approximately the last month, we have been at, while ironing out a dispute with our former Hosting Provider. Although many of our regular visitors found us at our new location, quite a few did not.

We are now back in business, with a hardy new server, plenty of bandwidth, and more GUI goodness than ever. And this time we are here to stay. Please stop by and see our over 500 and growing GUI elements to dress up your Mac.

Our SchemeWorld Kaleidoscope Scheme design contest is in full swing, and will be concluding on September 30, 2000, with some great prizes to be awarded around the first of October.

Thanks go out to all our supporters during our absence. We are glad to be back up and running, serving the needs of the Mac Graphical User Interface Community.

You can find more information at the new Appleholics Anonymous web site.