Italian Publication Honors REALbasic

MacWorld Italy has named REALbasic the top Scientific and Technical product of last year. REALbasic offers users a relatively simple, yet robust, programming environment. REALbasic for OS X is also now available, offering useris of Appleis newest OS the opportunity to take advantage of the REALbasic tools. According to REAL Software:

MacWorld Italy named REAL Softwareis REALbasic the best scientific and technical product of 2000.

In the invitation only awards ceremony, Livio Valdemarin, founder of Active Software, the republisher of REALbasic Italian Version, accepted the award from MacWorld Italy Editor Enrico Lotti.

"REALbasic is without a doubt the best way to develop multi-platform applications, and the fastest way to create applications that support the beautiful new Aqua interface. Because of this, REALbasic enjoys wide popularity in Italy," said Livio Valdemarin.

REALbasic 3.1 Standard Edition, recently announced by REAL Software, allows developers and hobbyists to create applications for Mac OS X, released March 24, 2001 by Apple Computer. It also supports development of applications for previous versions of the Macintosh operating system. The Professional version allows users to compile Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME applications from the same source code.

REALbasic is an award winning, cross-platform development tool available in US English, Japanese, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese and distributed throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia at the direction of Proactive International, LLC, a worldwide channel agency.

You can find more information about REALbasic at the REALbasic Web site.