It's A Diablo 2 Christmas: New 1.04 Patch Released

It was days before Christmas, and all through the land,
not a gamer was stirring, computer at hand.

There arose such a clatter, "Why canit I get on??!",
"Because Blizzard is working to upgrade, my son.".
"Oh when? Oh when? Will I ever get on?"
"Patience is a virtue to cherish, my son."

After many hours of wailing, crying, and pulling of hair
The Evil Red Demon returned to his lair.
The sound of slicing and dicing were once again heard
And to home Blizzard techs crawled, tired beyond care

"Oh what, in gods name, did those little green men
who hide behind curtains, manipulating events
do to our characters, our fun and our game?"
"Fixed problems, they did, to keep us all sane"

Many bugs were tracked down, and were ruthlessly squished
network code refined, just as we wished

In many great lands, where evil creatures abound
heroes and warriors, in battle were found

While it may not be perfect, and far from concrete
it is much much better, so put up your feet

So log on, patch up, and put on your gear
for Diablo 2 1.04 is finally here

You can download the patch through, Blizzardis online gaming service. Blizzard wil be posting a standalone updater through FTP " soon as it is available." You can find more information on Diablo II at Blizzardis Web site.