It's Here! Mozilla 1.0 Is Out

After four yearsi hard work by the open-source community, Mozilla has reached version 1.0. Mozilla is based on the Netscape source code, and this release is considered to be as stable as they come. Mozilla aims to be the most standards-compliant browser on the market, and includes a web browser, mail client, news reader and chat. According to their press release:

Built on the Gecko layout engine, Mozilla 1.0 is cross-platform and integrates a core set of applications that allow users to access the capabilities of the Web, including a web browser, an email reader and a chat client. Gecko is the core browser component in Mozilla 1.0 and was developed as part of the open source project; it is freely available for inclusion in third party products. Mozilla 1.0 uses Gecko to deliver the most advanced, standards-compliant browser across platforms; the ease of embedding Gecko brings the same power to desktop applications as well as devices. The release of Mozilla 1.0 signals a new level of compatibility and maturity of the programming interfaces provided by Gecko, and paves the way for the arrival of new Gecko-based products.

You can download Mozilla from their Web site, or learn more about it with the Mozilla guide.