It's That Particular Macintosh Again

The latest issue of About This Particular Macintosh (ATPM) is available for your consumption. The latest version looks back on MACWORLD with analysis and comments over all of the product releases and announcement, and continues their series on optimizing and using Internet graphics. According to ATPM:

n this monthis Apple Cider, Tom Iovino goes back to those teenage years, discovering girls and how cranked a stereo system can be. He also manages to throw MP3s, Napster, Gnutella, the RIAA, the NFL, the NBA, and Huey Lewis and the News in there as well.

ATPM staffer Eric Blair offers an in-depth report of Macworld Expo New York in a Segments piece and brings back some photographs for a gallery. ATPM audiophile David Ozab examines what Macworld Expois hardware revelations mean to those mixing Macs and music in this monthis Beyond the Barline. Christopher Turner is back with another GUI Junkie, offering an overview of the popularity of changing the look of the Mac interface through the use of schemes and themes.

David Spencer has scoured the Web to bring the latest and greatest to About This Particular Website. Learn about the history of Making the Macintosh, get a laugh from the Cartoonbank and The Dialectizer, stay ahead of gridlock with TrafficStation, and get help with your Mac from MacToolBox.

Graphics wiz Grant Osborne continues the Graphics and the Internet series with Part V, on the GIF file format. Grant offers background information, compares the GIF to the JPEG, and shows how the creation of the GIF can be handled. All with without mentioning Sarah Michelle Gellar once. Good work, Grant!

Michael Morgan pokes fun at DSL with another great cartoon, while this month the staff is pleased to offer a double dose of desktop pictures for your viewing pleasure. Readers Juri Munkki and Jens Grabenstein present a series of desktop pictures of Insects and Konstanz, Germany, respectively.

About This Stuff features staff reviews of Alchemist 1.0, Nisus Email 1.0.9, Candy Crisis, QuicKeys 5.0, Random Eye Image Generator 1.1, the Razer Boomslang 2000 USB Mouse, two solitaire games, and the Stealth Serial Port. Be sure to check out the updates on Agenda 1.1, CDFinder 2.8.1, and SoundApp 2.7!

You can find the full issue at the About This Particular Macintosh web site.