It's a Blogger/RSS Reader/Browser/Editor/Archive System

Near-Time announced Wednesday the commercial availability of Current, an all-in-one tool for creating text documents, browsing Web sites, managing and reading RSS feeds, archiving content, and publishing information back out to blog or other Web server.

Included in Current is a WYSIWG editor, an RSS feed reader and manager, an organizer, a Web browser, a file archiving system that caches Web pages and other files (including QuickTime, photos, HTML pages, and MP3 files) you wish to save, FTP and WebDav clients, as well as integration with blog publishing tools (Blogger and MetaWeblog). In addition, .Mac users can use Current to publish directly to Appleis iDisk.

"Current transcends traditional text editors, bookmark managers, Web clipping software, outliners, newsreaders, and blogging software," the company said in a statement announcing Current. "It is the first program to combine these functions, leveraging the immediacy of the Internet while offering a rich desktop environment for authoring and publishing. Current gives users complete control over desktop and Internet content."

A quick check of the features found that copy and pasting text from one page in Current to another page places a link to the original source in the sidebar of the document you are working on. This allows the user quick access to and from information when creating new documents. In addition, annotation features are included for documenting sources and other related information.

Current also allows you to "Mark" anything you find in any Current page, with Marked items collated for later reference. There is also a built-in tutorial and help system for learning how to use the software.

The Getting Started choices for Current

You can find more information on Current at Near-Timeis Web site. The software is priced at US$49.95, and the company has a 30-day trial version for download.