JAGfn.com Publishes Rumor That IBM Will Offer To Buy Apple

Whenis the last time you heard that Microsoft/Disney/Sun was going to buy Apple? On Friday afternoon, JAGfn.com published a report that IBM was rumored to be preparing to offer US$45 per share for Apple. For those keeping score at home, that means that IBM would be purchasing Apple for a bit less than twice the current share value. The very short blurb published by the site (and relayed by NorthernLight.com):

Apple Computer (AAPL) $24.85 - Rumor that (IBM) will make a $45 a share bid for company. Neither company was available for comment.

As of this writing, JAGfn.com was inaccessible. You can read the item yourself at NorthernLight.com. We also have a discussion on this topic smoldering in the TMO Forums.