Jabra Introduces Headsets for Both Phones & iPods [PHOTO ADDED]

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Jabra announced two stereo headsets Thursday at the Creative Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV. The Jabra C120s and C220s are both wired headsets, a departure from the companyis Bluetooth headsets, and can connect to both cell phones and iPods, as well as other digital media devices, eliminating the need to carry two headsets for people who use both kinds of devices.

"The Jabra C120s and Jabra C220s gives consumers an enhanced listening experience with superb stereo sound," said David Hogan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Jabra, in a statement. "Itis also not uncommon for people to carry multiple mobile devices at the same time. They do not want the added burden of remembering to carry separate headsets as well. The design of the Jabra C120s and Jabra C220s alleviates this problem by offering one quality headset for multiple purposes."

The Jabra C220s
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The C120s headset is an in-ear design using Jabrais patented EarGels, while the C220s offers a behind-the-ear form factor. Jabra said that both models are comfortable, offer stereo sound, and be used with just one ear for cell phone conversations. Both also feature an in-line microphone and clothing clip for voice pick-up during cell conversations.

Jabra has priced the C120s at US$29.95, while the C220s is priced at $34.95. Jabra is showing the products at CES booth 2005. As of this writing, the company has not yet added information about the new headsets to its Web site.