Jaguar Family Packs Are Shipping

We have received notes from Apple Store customers who say that their Family Pack orders for Jaguar are shipping. The Family Pack is for Mac users who want to legally register up to 5 Macs in their homes. Priced at US$199, US$70 more than a single license for Jaguar, this marks the only such licensing offer on the market, and helps users be legal at an inexpensive price. Shipment of Family Pack units was unexpectedly delayed when Jaguar shipped two weeks ago, but according to those Observers who have written in, they are being shipped now.

You can find more information on the Jaguar Family Pack at the Apple Store by clicking on the "Apple Software" link in the upper left hand side of the main page. There is also a link to the Family Pack on Appleis Mac OS X information page. Note that Apple Store links expire, or we would otherwise provide a direct link to the Family Pack.