Jaguar Users Get Safari Update

Apple has released an update to Safari specifically for Jaguar users. The sparse release notes say simply that the update, version 1.0.3, does the following:

Safari v1.0.3 for Mac OS X v10.2 "Jaguar" improves the Safari rendering engine to expand 3rd party application support and delivers the latest security enhancements.

You can find the update at Appleis Safari Web page. The download link is at the bottom of the page, with an option for version 1.2 for Panther users, and 1.0 for Jaguar users. Both links are for the most recent point updates for each version. Jaguar users can find it in their Software Update control panels.

Safari 1.0.3 is a 3.5 MB download.

Thanks to Observer A.S. for the heads up on the update.