Japanese Bank Offers More Insight into Mac Switch

Aozora Bankis chief technology officer, Bill Chute, has described his companyis move to Macs as: "The question for us was how to simplify the environment and bring it forward 15 years in one jump." A Reuters article by Jonathan Soble notes that the bank is setting up 2,500 work stations with Macs ahead of its impending initial public offering (IPO). (TMO originally covered this story last Monday, but this new piece sheds more light on the situation.)

"For Apple," Mr. Soble wrote, "Aozora could foreshadow a more aggressive push to recruit business clients, something analysts say will be made easier by the roll-out last week of software allowing Mac users to run Windows on their machines."

He also quoted Brian Croll, a senior marketing director at Apple, as saying: "It has attracted a whole new set of customers that weid never really talked to before. Weire dealing with government agencies, science and technology firms, even trucking companies."