Jargonary Updated With Text To Speech Reading

The Jargonary Development Team has released an update for Jargonary, bringing it to version 1.1. Jargonary is a resource for computer jargon explanations. The update adds sseveral new features including Text to Speech reading and XML preferences. According to The Jargonary Development Team:

Jargonary is a dictionary for computer Jargon. It lets you look up Jargon in the defi nition database stored in your computer. The database contains explanations for more than 13000 computer Jargons.

Version History for v1.1:

  • Added wildcard support. % returns any number of characters between a string
  • Added Text to Speech feature. Jargonary will read description
  • Added a feature where text in clipboard content will be use as search ter
  • Added Close Window menu
  • Added Real time Searching
  • Added Software update feature
  • New application icon
  • New and updated user manual
  • Can no longer close the main window
  • User can now change the font and the size
  • Jargonary now remember the window position and size for the last session
  • Preferences now is in XML format
  • All preferences in 1 file (com.jargonary.mac.xml)

You can find more information about the Jagonary update at the product home page. Jargonary is available shareware for US$20.00.