Jason Lee, TV Commercials, & Insomnia

Welcome back to Mac Sightings. Todayis installment is a quick look at two sightings that could be missed with a blink of the eye. We turn to the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly for their It List 2002. Also, the online automotive search engine Vehix.com has a blink-and-you-miss-it television advertisement featuring a G3 PowerBook, while a pre-OS X system can be found in the Al Pacino/Robin Williams thriller Insomnia.

In the June 28/July 5 issue of Entertainment Weekly, they feature their annual list of the new "it" people in Hollywood. Spotlighted this year is ex-professional skateboarder cum actor, Jason Lee. He made his major debut in Kevin Smithis Mallrats. More recently, he was seen in Almost Famous. One of the questions asked by Entertainment Weekly is what is the actoris "creative crutch?" Says Lee:

Strumming guitar, walking around the block with my iPod, eating lots of candy.

It seems that Mr. Lee is a faithful iPod user, and yet another celebrity Mac owner. We thank him for the gratuitous mention of our favorite MP3 player.

Vehix.com does many television advertisements, and it was noticed that theyire using a logo-less G3 PowerBook in the final image of their commercial. Their logo comes up over a PowerBook screen, though itis impossible to tell which G3 PowerBook it is.

Finally, in the thriller Insomnia, there is a pseudo-Mac sighting. In the background, while one of the police officers is making a phone call, thereis a computer monitor visible in the background. The monitor is not an Apple branded monitor, but it was clearly a pre-X OS running on the screen (the multi-colored apple was fairly easy to spot in the upper left corner), with all the icons arranged on the right, just as we like them.

If you have a Mac sighting, and youid like to share it with us and the rest of the TMO community, drop a note to . Whether itis a television commercial or an iPod attached to a celebrity, we want to hear about it.