Java Based Web Page Enhancement Package Comes To The Mac

The Anfy Team has announced that their suite of Java based Web page enhancements, Anfy, has made it to the Macintosh. Anfy is a set of over 40 Java applets that allow users to display graphical, dynamic content on Web pages without having to manually alter the HTML code. Version Tracker describes Anfy as the following:

Anfy is a very popular collection of 40 Java applets to display graphical effects on webpages. Mac Anfy is a Macintosh-native tool to create and edit the settings of theseJava applets. With its easy to use graphical interface you donit have to manually edit HTML files any more, just click through the wizard-like dialogs, edit and preview your changes instantly.

Anfy is available for US$20. You can find more information at the Anfy Team Web site.