Java Server Pages Site For OS X Moved

The Mac OS X based JSP resource,, has moved to a more appropriately named domain, offers tips and tricks on optimizing OS X for use with powerful database tools such as Java Server Pages. According to JSPforMac:, the resource for JSP development on Mac OS X Public Beta, changes its name to to better reflect its mission. today announced that it has changed its name and URL to better reflect its mission to help Mac developers use Java Server Pages on Mac OS X Public Beta.

With the release of Mac OS X Public Beta, Apple has given developers a powerful tool to create dynamic database driven web sites. Mac OS X Public Beta combined with a database and Java Server Pages now allows Macintosh users to develop industrial strength web sites that communicate with industrial strength databases to serve any information imaginable.

Louis Rodriguez, the creator of the site, states:

"Even though we may have the power of unix on our Mac OS X Public Beta discs, we still need to take the last step and create "how-tos" for installing all these great unix tools such as JSP and databases.

Louis continues, "Our simple mission is to serve as a gathering place for JSP on Mac OS X Public Beta. Through this we hope to bridge that last mile, and fix the slight differences in syntax and file locations between unix and Mac OS X Public Beta" currently contains a "how-to" for installing the Tomcat JSP server on Mac OS X Public Beta as well as a host of links and information to get beginners up and running on JSP.

You can find more information on using Java Server Pages with Mac OS X at the JSPforMac web site.