Jazz Up Your Web Site

Page Planet software is offering their all-in-one WebSTAR plug-in, MGI, temporarily for half the regular price. MGI allows WebSTAR users to add server side includes, e-mail, ecommerce, and a host of other features. According to Page Planet:

MGI, a plug-in to 4Ds award-winning web server for the Macintosh, WebSTAR, was developed over four years to satisfy the needs of over 1600 web hosting clients using PagePlop Web Hosting Service of Raleigh, North Carolina. The goals of MGI are ease of use even for those without a bit of programming or scripting background (using an intuitive, English-based tag structure,) being fully secure from intrusion, robust to handle the needs of any small to medium-sized business, and scalable enough to used as the web site grows. MGI is ideal for not only intranet use in schools and businesses, but also internet integration in a single-domain or multi-domain environment as seen at an ISP. All aspects of MGI are fully tested under live-hosting conditions with operating web sites before being released to the public.

MGI is available for US$449.50 for the duration of the sale. You can find more information at the Page Planet software web site.