Jiiva Updates AutoScrubber With Expanded Interactivity

Jiiva has released an update for AutoScrubber, bringing it to version 1.5. AutoScrubber is a disk sanitation utility designed for completely erasing fragments left behind from standard deletion techniques. The update features expanded interactivity and visual feedback. According to Jiiva:

Jiiva announces the release of AutoScrubber 1.5.

AutoScrubber is an evolution is data security. Unlike Appleis Secure Empty Trash and other file erasers on the market, AutoScrubber catches file fragments left behind by applications and deleted copies of
private files made by the operating system. These fragments and copied files are left wide open on your hard drive for anyone with undelete or recovery software to exploit.

This release brings interactivity to a process normally hidden behind the scenes. Version 1.5 adds many features requested by customers. Mainly visual feedback when files are being securely erased as well as an on-screen notice when Software Update is launched.

You can find more information about the AutoScrubber update at the Jiiva Web site. AutoScrubber is available for US$59.99.