Jim Lehrer News Hour Examines Apple

The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, the flagship news program for PBS, has broadcast a story examining Apple. The show, which was first aired Friday, December 10th, looks at all the usual suspects for Appleis current prospects, including the companyis success with the iTunes Music Store and iPod, as well as Appleis market share in the computer business.

The segment was approximately 5 minutes long, and includes interviews with MacAddict editor Rik Myslewski, Apple VP Greg Joswiak, analyst Tim Bajarin, RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser, and random Mac users, as well as others.

From the article:

For the past couple of decades, Apple and the Macintosh computers it makes have been objects of adoration by a relatively small band of longtime enthusiasts led by graphic designers like Dom Dimento, and photographers like Colette Cann, who need versatile, easy-to-use computers to manipulate images, something Apple pioneered.

But relatively few traditional businesses use Mac computers. Apple has less than 4 percent of the worldwide computer market, down dramatically from two decades ago.

Today, however, due increasingly to the popularity of its digital music player, the iPod, Apple appears to be comfortably surviving, perhaps even riding high less than a decade after its very existence was in doubt.

You can read the transcript at PBSis Web site, watch the segment in Windows Media or Real Player format, or listen to it in RealAudio (links to which are at the top of the transcript).