Jobs Edges Gates As's Industry Agenda Leader

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
whois the top Agenda Setter of all?"

According to, itis not Bill Gates, but none other than Appleis fearless leader and industry trend setter, Steve Jobs.

Every year polls industry experts to determine who has influenced the industry the most over the past 52 weeks. Many factors are examined and people are ranked according to how they fair against each other. Hereis how explains it:

Embracing open source for Appleis latest OS, the success of the iPod and proving, with iTunes, that there is a model for selling music online have helped Steve Jobs beat his old rival Bill Gates to be named silicon.comis number one Agenda Setter for 2003 .

A panel of experts decided the annual poll by voting on three factors - global influence, decision-making prowess and longevity - and past winners include Sir Christopher Gent (2000), Steve Case (2001) and Rupert Murdoch (2002).

But while major themes in the balance of power emerge each year, such as media bosses last time around and mobile players the year before that, this yearis top 50 wasnit dominated only by those at the helm of famous vendors such as Apple and Microsoft.

iFree spiritsi - those using open source software to make a difference or rejecting traditional profit motives - are making a difference, as seen by the presence of Linus Torvalds at number 5 and the mayor of Munich - a man whose municipality turned down Microsoft for Linux - at 20. (A full analysis of their influence can be found here .

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