Jobs Jumps From 81 to 18 in Forbes' 'Bosses That Delivered' Rankings

Forbes magazineis Web site reports that Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who guided the company to an earnings increase of 295 percent over the past year, leaped from number 81 to number 18 on the "Bosses That Delivered" list. Forbes looked at 189 corporate CEOs who have been in charge for six years or more and analyzed their performance versus pay in terms of stock performance compared with compensation.

Mr. Jobsi official salary is only US$1 a year, but his stock options have given him an average of $14.6 million annual compensation over the past six years. Forbes writer John J. Ray noted that Mr. Jobsi 1.2 percent ownership of Apple stock is worth $417 million. Meanwhile, the companyis shareholders have received an annualized return of 29 percent over the past six years, while the S&P 500 has seen a negative one percent decline overall.

You can see the list of CEOs who experienced the largest moves on the "Bosses That Delivered" chart at the Forbes Web site, but for the entire rundown, youill need to find a copy of the magazine.