Jobs' Salary Examined, Again

Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes home $1 a year for the work he does at Apple, and has done so since his coup dietat in 1997. Being CEO of Apple has other perks, though, and the jet isnit the only one. According to a C/NET article, titled Options add to Jobsi $1 salary, our favorite CEO got about $7.5 million in stock options last year, among other niceties. From the article:

The salary details come as Apple disclosed that its shipments of the new iMac will be less than analystsi forecasts, and as the Mac maker announced plans to increase prices on the computer.

Jobsi options carry an exercise price of $18.30. Given that the shares are trading at about $5 above that price, the options would have a value of more than $37 million if all could be cashed in today.

However, only 25 percent of the options are exercisable, with the remainder vesting annually over the next three years.

The article goes on to list the take-home pay of Appleis other top execs.