Jobs Says TV Is Not In The Cards For Macs

Appleis Steve Jobs says that TV is not in the future of the Mac. In a Reuters New Service report, Steve Jobs hints at whatis in store for the Mac, and the television is not in the cards.

"Do we think that PCs and televisions are going to merge? No. The next great age of the personal computer is going to be as the digital hub," Jobs told Reuters in an interview on the sidelines of the Macworld trade show. "We donit care where they put their computer in the house, as long as it is a Mac."

Jobs also discussed why he believes the new iMac will succeed where the Cube did not. From Reuters:

"The Cube was targeted at low-end pros. We were just plain wrong on that," Jobs said. "Consumers loved the Cube, but it was too expensive. This, I think, is a more stunning design than the Cube, he said, and "it is priced dramatically less..."

The Reuters article is a good read. Check it out.