Joe Public Can Stream Media With Sorenson's VCast

Sorenson Media has announced a new service allowing users to easily stream media via the Internet, VCast. VCast is a service targeted at consumers offering an affordable and simple solution for streaming live audio or video broadcasts. According to Sorenson Media:

Sorenson Media today announced Vcast, a personal broadcasting service that enables people to easily and affordably stream live or on-demand video and audio content to anyone, anywhere at anytime.

After downloading the Vcast client and filling out a simple online registration form, a Vcast user will stream live video from a camera connected to their computer, or compress existing video content with Vcast. The content is then posted to the Internet for Vcast to stream. The total cost of the broadcast is based on the length of the stream and the number of viewers the user anticipates will watch the event.

Vcast users will benefit from the most innovative and comprehensive reporting mechanism available for streamed events. They will be able to see real-time stream statistics, a geographical representation of viewers, average view time, and a breakdown of streamed bandwidths viewed.

Pricing for VCast depends on the length of the stream and the number of "viewers." You can find more information about the new service at the Sorenson Media Web site.