Jog/Shuttle Driver Updated To OS X

Contour Design has released an OS X driver for the ShuttlePROÆ for digital editing. The ShuttlePROÆ is a jog/shuttle controller for scrolling through video content. The device ships with 13 user defined buttons and now with OS X support. According to Contour Design:

Contour Design, Inc. is pleased to announce Mac OS X support for the popular ShuttlePROÆ, providing a powerful solution and tool across platforms -- therefore making it suitable for home and professional editors alike. The USB ShuttlePRO, as a total system, is amazingly flexible and can be used with virtually any application supporting Mac OS X.

As a total system, the ShuttlePRO is comprised of (3) three major components, consisting of the following: the ergonomic hardware or device itself, the software drivers and control panel, and the application settings or pre-defined application support.

You can find more information about the ShuttleProÆ at the Contour Design Web site. ShuttleProÆ is available for US$99.95.