Jon Anderson Teams With Apple To Track Progress Of His New Album

Apple has teamed up with progressive-rock star Jon Anderson (of "Yes") to track the progress of his upcoming album. Shown in stages on Appleis Web site, Jon will be exploring and explaining all the details of album production, from writing the songs to recording them to releasing them, all captured in text and video for everyone to see. From Apple:

Weive just launched a brand new project on Appleis Creative Professional website with legendary recording artist, Jon Anderson, of super-group, Yes. Jon is working on a new solo album due for release in the October/November timeframe of this year.

Between now than then, Jon will share with us everything involved with putting this project together and bringing it to fruition. We?ll be providing a detailed, behind-the-scenes look at how Jon uses the equipment, how the recording is actually performed, how production is accomplished, and much more, culminating in the release of the album. And each month we?ll hear snippets of Jon?s new songs, from their very raw stages, through to polished, professional recordings.

You can find more details at Appleis Creative Professional Web site.