Jon's Phone Tool Updated With Quick Dial Access

Jonathan Nathan has released an update for Jonis Phone Tool, bringing it to version 1.1.9. Jonis Phone Tool is a utility designed for automated phone dialing. The update features improved Quick Dial support and the addition of an action menu. According to Jonathan Nathan:

Jonathan Nathan is pleased to announce that Jonis Phone Tool v1.1.6 has been released.

Jonis Phone Tool is a scriptable phone dialing application. JPT uses either your Macis built-in speakers or the modem to dial a phone number. You can enter a phone number manually or you can use the integrated search tools to find numbers in your Address Book, Microsoft Entourage, Now Contact, or Palm Desktop databases.


  • Quick Dial numbers are now accessible from the main JPT menu. Changes made to the Quick Dial list may take a few seconds to update in the main JPT menu after modification
  • Added an action menu to the log window which includes an action for dialing the currently selected entry in your log. The action menu also allows you to choose the date format of the log
  • The dial log now remembers the column widths, date format, & sort order through relaunches
  • Added example scripts for use with the terrific freeware contextual menu Big Cat Scripts Plugin from Ranchero Software
  • and more...

You can find more information about the Jonis Phone update at the product home page. Jonis Phone Tool is available for US$12.00.