Joost Beta 1.0 for Mac Released

The JoostTeam announced on Friday that Joost beta 1.0 has been released for Mac OS X and Windows with a new user interface.

The new theme, which was called the "spoon," UI is dark gray, and there is a completely redesigned channel guide.

There are still some user interface problems with this beta, but it is so much better that the conclusion was that it would very hard to go back.

Joost is software that connects to the Joost system and provides many different TV channels in roughly SD quality. Shows range from Comedy Central to MTV, National Geographic, Alliance Atlantis Sci-Fi and more. Just like regular TV, the shows are free but come with commercials. The advantage of Joost is that the viewer can watch any of the shows at any time instead of prearranged times.

If you already have an invitation and/or already have a Joost account, the new beta can be obtained from the Joost download page. If you need an invitation, Joost is now supplying them directly.

Joost requires an Intel Mac with Mac OS X 10.4 or later and a broadband connection. The software is free.