Juggy Software Releases Connection Viewer

Juggy Software and Julian Guimont have released Ridge for OS X users. Ridge is an internet connection viewer designed for monitoring several Internet related topics including speed and loading activities. The app ships with a graphical data display that is updated every 60 seconds. According to Juggy Software:

Juggy Software and Julien Guimont are proud to introduce their first MacOS X shareware called Ridge.

Ridge is an internet connection watcher that monitors any traffic on any interface on your Macintosh. The results are presented in a great efficient interface. You can see in a look the maximum speed, the instant speed, the total of download/upload and the recent activity in a 60 sec based graphic.. It just looks like a mountain ridge.

Version 1.0 include:

  • Integrated installation of necessary components
  • Graphic of the internet connction on 60 sec
  • Actual instant speed of the internet connection
  • PPPoE and PPP compatibility
  • Packet hexadecimal dump and parsing for PPP/IP/TCP/UDP packets
  • Floating graphic window (set by preferences)
  • Automatic Web Update

You can find more information about the Ridge release at the Juggy Software Web site. Ridge is available for US$10.00.