Juggy Software Updates Ridge With German Support

Juggy Software and Julian Guimont have released an update for Ridge, bringing it to version 2.11. Ridge is an Internet connection viewer designed for monitoring several Internet related topics including speed and loading activities. The update ships German language support and bug fixes. According to Juggy Software:

Juggy Software announces Ridge 2.11.

Ridge is more than an Internet meter. With this new utility you can cumulate your downloads and/or uploads and you can set limits (like 5 GB of download) on that amount. Ridge will than alert you when the limit has been reached. It also has stunning graphics to "watch" the traffic on your connection and easily detect slow downs and bottlenecks. A packet dump is also present to learn more about some particular protocols, find spyware and much more.

Version 2.11 includes:

  • Improved Performances
  • Minor bug fix
  • New German Localization

You can find more information about the Ridge update at the Juggy Software Web site. Ridge 2.11 is available for US$10.00.